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There are many ways how you can do some YouTube marketing. One of the most effective ways to boost your YouTube marketing efforts is to post them in your personal websites or blogs, or on sites of people you know, if they will allow it. What is so good about YouTube marketing is that you can get the embed codes from the website itself. The codes that are automatically generated will allow you or other internet users to post that very same videos somewhere else in the internet. So if you have a visitor who liked your video, they can get the codes and post it in their websites. That counts as free advertising, and the followers of that same visitor will get to watch your video as well. It is quite a good pyramid, if you analyze it.


         You can also practice YouTube marketing by posting the videos on online forums or chat rooms. It comes in two different ways. For example, some very big online forums of chat rooms will let you create your own threads or rooms where you can start a conversation with anyone about anything under the sun. If you have a website in mind that allows this, you can do some YouTube marketing by posting the links of your videos on the rooms or threads. You can also put it in your signature line, which follows all your posts, so people do not need to find the room or thread you made, but can have access to the links in any thread you have posted in. So have fun, and scatter those video links around!

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