Where In Cyberspace Should I Place my Ads?

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Lucky B*stard!The idea of how big cyberspace is frightening especially for newbies.  Fret not, all one has to do is explore it bit by bit.  But to help you really find where in the cyber-universe your market is found, you have to know your consumer first. 


Focus on the habits of your consumers.  The Internet plays a different role as a tool of mass media.  The difference lies in the ability of the Internet to be both a source of information and a source of feedback.


The effective tools of both advertising and information generation are blogging, MySpace marketing, YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, affiliate directories, video directories, craigslist marketing and the different search engines. You can also use SEO or search Easy Corporate Money Programengine optimization key words to further look up your consumers and what they are into.


Upon digesting the information gathered, you can now focus on where to place your ads.  And one of the most effective in the lots is banner advertising.  Like billboards, but in a small and very dynamic scale, your ad can contain visual drama or the right words as tagline to draw attention to your product.  You can choose to be disruptive or be subtle and attractive to the consumer.  Your effective marketing plan comes in as the backbone on what you will say and how you say your message.


It is always important to note and be aware of who your target market is.  Because if you always hinge your message and choose the medium on where your consumer is coming from, the more effective your campaign will be.

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