The Meaning of SEO

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TEboxcoverSEO or search engine optimization is actually very simple when explained in a simple and comprehensive way.  People always assume that search engine optimization is only for the internet marketers who do nothing but write sales letters, articles, and the rest to be able to sell their product, but this internet process can actually help many other websites whose aim is to share and distribute information, services, etc online.  If you, for example, have a personal website about yourself and would like to make it known to the whole world, then you can use search engine optimization to lift your site’s ranks and higher in the search result pages of Google, Yahoo, and MSN. 

First, what is SEO?  This process is basically to optimize a website in order to make it even more relevant to the keyed in searches entered by people.  They normally would use Google or Yahoo to look for what they need online, so one of the surefire ways of being the first result displayed is through search engine optimization.  Your website is basically optimized through increasing the volume of common and popular keywords in your site’s HTML code.  By adding more keywords into your site’s content, headers, etc, the website becomes more and more relevant, which eventually will be detected by search engine spiders.  The site’s ranking will increase, which eventually will lead to more traffic, more visitors, and even more money. 

Applying search engine optimization to your website, especially by well-known companies and specialists, is going to cost you a sum of money.  Don’t let this bring you down because the results after the process will be tremendous.  


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