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Social_Media_ManagementWe’ve heard about social networking and the hype that’s been going on about it.  Most, if not all, of the youth today are a part of at least one or two social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and the like.  But there’s a new approach to social networking online that is becoming even more popular.  It’s an integration of both media and social networks, which is commonly termed as social media.  But then the question arises, “What is social media?” 

So what is social media?  What is it about social media that makes it very popular and somewhat addicting for the internet savvy teens and young adults of today?  Social media is basically the term used to describe websites and the internet tools that appeal to the behavioral aspect of people.  To put it simply, social media is an integration of both relationship building and media such as videos, pictures, written articles, and even simple updates (think Twitter) of what your friends are doing and how their day was. 

The term is easy enough to understand, but some people still aren’t familiar about it.  They continue to ask the question what is social media? They also wonder which site is a social media site or not.  But thanks to the trusty World Wide Web, experts have already discussed and simplified the answers to the question, “What is social media?”  Through online articles and e-books, internet marketers have also tried to explain the answer to the particular question- what is social media- in the eyes and perception of an online marketer, as a way of using these sites to earn more money.  



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