Social Media 101: Integration of Society and Technology

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4-like-page-builderBefore you can learn how to use social media to make money, it’s important that you take the time to know what the term means. Social media are, first and foremost, ways with which information can be shared. It is used in Internet and mobile applications. The term includes activities that are focused on joining together technology, word construction, audio, videos, photos, telecommunications, and social interaction. How the information is presented, as well as the overall social interaction, depends on a number of factors, including the creation of shared meaning and the consequential different perspectives among communities which arise as stories and experiences are relayed.

While the concept of social media has yet to be fully understood by telecommunications and social experts, businesses that seek to thrive here on the Internet use social media to improve their sales. If you have an online business, this article tells you how to use social media to boost your business’ performance.

The first tip on how to use social media is to know what form or type of it you can work best with. Social media take on different forms, such as web logs (more popularly known as blogs), pod casts, wikis, photos, videos, and forums, to name a few. Applications that make use of social media, on the other hand, include Wikipedia (for reference purposes), Google (for social networking and reference purposes), MySpace and Friendster (for social networking purposes), Flickr (for photo sharing purposes), Twitter and Pownce (for micro blogging purposes), and YouTube (for video sharing), among many others. In order to be adept on how to use social media and actually make money with it, you need to know how to perform certain technologies, such as blogs, vlogs, e-mail, instant messaging, picture-sharing, music-sharing, and crowd-sourcing, to begin with. If you know how to use social media, you can gain a wider audience, form relationships over the Internet, and manipulate web-based advertising and marketing tools.


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