SEO and SMO: Smart and Savvy Ways to Make Income Online

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seoebookcoverThere is virtually an endless list of ways on how to make income online. With the advent of the Internet came the power of e-commerce and online entrepreneurship, allowing millions of people to generate income from the worldwide web. Internet marketing, which is basically web-based marketing, has become a must-learn concept. One of the most popular Internet marketing tools is search engine optimization or SEO. The value of SEO for boosting a website’s performance in algorithmic or organic search listings has been proven and remains reliable. If you want to know how to make income online, you should know not only SEO but also SMO or social media optimization.

SMO is a spin-off of SEO; the former aims to improve the mechanisms of the latter. SMO provides clients with opportunities to implement changes in order to optimize a website by making it more visible in social media searches done on custom search engines. These days, in order to know how to make income online, you must focus a great deal of your time and effort on making your website more easily linked to. The more links you have, the higher your chances of being visited. And the higher your chances of being visited, the better your prospects of raking in the big bucks.

One of the most basic tips on how to make income online with SEO and SMO is to reward inbound links. This involves listing recent linking web logs or blogs on your website as a way of expressing your appreciation for those who link your website. Another tip on how to make income online is to make sure your content can travel the web easily. This means going for “portable” content, such as PDF’s, audio files, and video files, and submitting them to interested and relevant sites. Ultimately, doing so will lead more links to your website. With SEO and SMO, you don’t have to work too hard or spend so much – you can be smart and savvy in making money online. 


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