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cover-stumbleupon-dominationSocial marketing concentrates on consumers especially on what they need and want rather than persuading consumers to buy goods and services. Social marketing is the one talking to consumers and not the goods. This type of marketing also utilizes marketing mix. Here are the four P’s of social marketing:




Social marketing offers products from its existence to its function. What makes a product viable? Consumers are made to think that that product is the answer to their problems. Hence, research is important on social marketing because it provides the consumers’ likes and dislikes, product preferences, and product observation or feedbacks.




thinpaperback-238x300This usually refers to the method or thing the consumer needs to do in obtaining the product. Usually, this is monetary and sometimes intangibles like effort and disapproval. When costs are higher than advantages, the offering value would be low. In contrast, if advantages are higher than costs, product adoption or trial increases.




This is the description of how the consumer receives a product. For tangible goods, this is what they call as “distribution system” like sales force, transportation, and retail outlets. For intangible goods, place is unclear because it focuses on channels for training and information such as mass media, shopping malls, or in-house demos. Place also ensures access to quality and offering of service delivery.




Most often, this social marketing element is always mistaken for the whole marketing scheme. Nonetheless, this is only an aspect of marketing goods. This uses the combination of public relations, media advocacy, entertainment vehicles, and personal selling. In other words, this is where advertisements become essential. In order to gain knowledge on increasing demands and target audience, it is suggested for companies to research prior to product launch.


Each of these four P’s needs consideration for effective marketing of goods and services. Hence, this means all aspects should be present for optimized output. 


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