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Traffic_Secrets_UnleashedWhen a website is published, how does it become known to its target market?  The answer is simple.  It’s all in search engine optimization.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?  As the term implies, it is a process where the hits in a website are maximized.  Simply put, it allows users to view your site by including it on search results whenever specific keywords which are associated to your site are searched. Search engine optimization is not limited to a general web search engines.  It includes image, local and industry-specific.

With practical application to marketing, you should know what your target market wants.  Since they are the people being targeted by your campaign, you’d want to incorporate keywords that have high probability to be searched by them.   Know what you target markets search for.

guide-spiral-largeTechnically, for search engine optimization to work, one must know the fundamentals in search engines.  The content and hyper text mark-up language (html) must be edited.  Usually, the relevant keywords are placed at the beginning of the webpage.  This is because viewers usually lose their interest once the relevant keywords are placed at the bottom.  They have to read a lengthy copy before arriving at the subject that they’re looking for. Of course, the success of every Internet-based marketing campaign is not dependent solely in key words.  It is also in the quality of the webpage so be sure that the content is interesting as well.

Search engine optimization is a helpful tool that will increase the number of people who’ll view your website.  


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