Search Engine Optimization

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         ebooktraffic  Search engine optimization is the practice of developing the quality of traffic to a web site from search engines through accepted ways. It increases the likelihood that the website will rank first in the results that returned after a user type in his or her search in the internet.


For people who manage a website, it is more likely that they will benefit from search engine optimization. These benefits are improved brand recognition, increased sales, augmented revenue, and a bigger share of the audience. For brand recognition, the more people view the site, the more the brand will be popular. When it comes to sales, a larger number of visitors lead to a greater probability of selling. On the other hand, if the site is intended to promote products such as affiliate program, then the more visitors that visit the page, the greater the revenue.


In addition, to be able to fully utilize the use of search engine optimization, there are stages that must be studied and implemented. On chronological order, these are the choosing the effective keywords, optimizing the website, optimizing the HTML, optimizing the page content, and getting links and directory listings.


Therefore, the main reason for a user to use search engine optimization is to make his or her site appear on the first page since it is no doubt that a single search can return thousands of results. Sites that do not employ search engine optimization tend to be displayed at the last page of the result window. Since people prefer those that are returned on the first page, it is less likely that they will be viewed. 


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