Pitch note: How to write a sales letter

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buzzinarBIGboxSales come in various ways. Each method is used depending on the approach needed per account. But despite their differences in use, its main objective is to generate sales.

One of which is a sales letter. By definition, a sales letter is document designed to generate sales. This document persuades the person reading it, hence a potential client, to place an order, make an inquiry, or even set a meeting. This is the first step to introduce the company to the client. From here, this will start the ball rolling.

Being part of the sales process, research is initially done before sending out to a certain client. It is customized to fit the person who’ll be reading it.  Think of it as a print advertisement in a stamped envelope.

More than words

A sales letter was never simply just a letter presenting the company’s intent to fulfil the client’s business needs. Once the recipient opens the letter, the sales pitch begins. In order to guarantee a meet with the client and finally end in a sale, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when doing your own sales letter for your business, big and small.

  • Build trust using an honest, but brief and catchy introduction.
  • Establish credibility by exuding professionalism on the letter itself. Keep it neat, organized, and tear-free. Be creative and make it special.
  • Be top of mind. Come up with a catchy but professional remark alongside your company’s tag line.
  • Visualization never rests. It applies in everything. Start with enticing the eyes and everything follows.
  • Be reachable by including a catalogue or your business card.

Go old fashioned by doing a snail mail strategy.

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