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ebook-standing-gold2In internet marketing you will encounter the term “niche marketing” what is it and how to find a Niche? In the ebook entitled “101 Highly Effective Strategies to Promote Your Web Site” written by Herman Drost, Niche market was described as a group of individual and businesses that have similar interests and needs, which can be readily identified and that can be easily targeted and reached. Searching a great product or service for a highly targeted audience is a way in finding niche for your business. Drost enumerates ways on how to find a Niche. He mentions four ways on how to do it:

a) Find a niche product or service you are passionate about

b) Choose a niche product or service you are knowledgeable

c) Define your niche market, and

d) Build and promote your website. 

hungry-buyers-niche-buyers-guide-flatFinding a niche product or service should be given enough time and effort to create a meaningful web site, to be able to build a right traffic as well as generate worthwhile income and find comfort on what you do. On Drost advice on how to find a niche, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

a)    Is there sufficient demand for it?

b)    Are you using the right keyword to search?

c)    If you already have the product or service conduct survey and questionnaire

d)    Can you create your own Unique Selling Position (USP)?



These questions will help you on how to find a niche suitable for you.

You may not be an expert on this business but time, effort, research and understanding is important to become successful. How to find a niche is an ability that can help you to become rich and successful. 



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