Money in everything: How to earn money in different ways

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topsecret_boxOne of the reasons why some people are very sceptic in venturing the business world is that the idea of shelling out a certain amount of money.

Apparently, there are some business ideas that do not need you to produce hundreds of pesos. All you need to do is ask yourself what do you do best, and then from there you can easily formulate your business plan.

Non-monetary money makers

  • Make money by selling your own product. This can be achieved by solely relying on your talent. Are you knowledgeable in playing the piano? Then offer piano lessons in the comforts of your own home. Are you a budding Carrie Bradshaw? Come up with a book on the topic of your choice then sell it online. Are you a dog lover? Have a dog-walking business – and a workout bonus for you.
  • Make money by selling someone else’s product. Or commonly known as “Direct Selling”. By doing so, you are well compensated and if you’re lucky, they offer management training and seminars on business establishment. One example is the ever popular AVON.
  • Make money by selling advertising space. Selling advertising space promised big rewards such as the Google Adsense program.
  • Make money doing what you already do.  It is as simple as breathing. The new trend for this is being an online survey respondent. Each survey comes with a price.

Not all easy money produces blood money. But you don’t need to put your guard down. Being careful has its perks and checking its legality won’t hurt.


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