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bookletYouTube is definitely making waves in the industry. It seems that people who are not making so well in written blogs and photologs are turning to YouTube to make a statement.

So should you do some YouTube marketing? Of course! YouTube marketing will give you the boost that you need. The website is the 12th most visited site in the internet and reaches, on average, 18 million views every day. That is a lot of people!

Add to that, many internet researchers estimate that a top rated or promoted video on YouTube can be viewed by 40% more people, all over the world. YouTube marketing will take your products further, 40% more than the people you would ordinarily reach if you launch an ad on TV. YouTube marketing will definitely take this to a different level in your efforts to spread the word about your product.

YouTube marketing is almost the same as marketing on other media. You want to be unique and on top of the heap. If you make an impact on the viewers, then they will remember you. You can do some outstanding YouTube marketing by following these tips:

1. Do not make it a sales pitch. People on YouTube are looking information, not products. So make it look like a review, and you will be fine.

2. Item number 1 does not mean you should be vague about your product. People still need to clearly see what the product you are selling is.

3. Have fun! You should always be upbeat and friendly sounding. Smile. Add some vibe to your voice.

With a little practice, and good quality audio/video, you will become a marketing success in no time.



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