Make your every word count: How to write headlines for a sales letter

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Magic_Article_Rewriter_And_Magic_Article_SubmitterHeadlines are everything. They are short but they manage to tell the whole story by just using a handful of words or just a phrase.

It is a fact that headlines in every printed material is meant to catch attention. It is meant to get the reader’s attention, targets the rest of the audience, enlisting a benefit, and finally, making a promise.

Getting them head on

The standard number of words in a headline is 10 where it is required to be concise but has the capacity to initially give the reader the whole idea of the sales pitch.

Always capitalize on your company’s main selling point. Basically, it should include their best promotion that was ever launched and is still being implemented. Hooking a reader only revolves around seven (7) to ten (10) seconds. Meaning, getting their attention is one thing, establishing rapport is another.

The headline must also exude the company’s promise to its clients. There are so-called “power words” used that guarantee to effectively relay the idea of the promise. Such words are:

  • You
  • Free
  • Proventwd_Writing_Services
  • Imagine
  • How To
  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • Enjoy
  • Now
  • Learn
  • Introducing

These words amuse the reader’s soft spots. For example, the term “cheap” answers to the concern of monetary issues, especially now during the economic recession. The term “fast” caters to aligning itself to cope up with a fast paced society and that people are too busy to wait. “Imagine” refers to the recipient’s subconscious wherein whenever they hear this word, they unconsciously slip into imagination.

With the headlines as the appetizer, all proof and background of the promises made follows as support to the company’s claim.


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