How Would I Know Who To Sell To?

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Real Traffic System - Realistic Massive Traffic GeneratorThe idea of having a product is good but if one does not know who will buy it and who to talk to, then it’s time to build a list of questions to check on this crucial factor.


How to build a list of knowing who to talk to involves questions that focus

the target market.  First, the crucial question, “Where are we?”  In your target market’s mind, where is your service or product currently in?  One should strive in trying to find out facts and figures on who the target market is.  To be able to know how to find a market online runs parallel to what knowing what to say. 


Is Your T-h-i-n-k-i-n-g Making You Rich? Or Poor?The second question would be “How to find a market online?”  For the newbie, think of the other traditional mass media.  They have counterparts on the Internet.  Use the SEO, search engine optimization, or words referring to your product to scan the search engines.  From there, you will be able to find where your consumer is.   Blogging, affiliate directories, affiliate videos, even banner advertising by competitors can serve as a platform, a point of reference on where your market is.


The third question on the list would be How to make income online? Immediate consumer gratification comes in.   Focus all energies into keeping them coming back by providing an easy method to buy your product or use your services.  Internet marketing can be a catalyst but providing excellent performance would be the be all and end all of your business.

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