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WTBABlogging has become an emerging trend when it comes to marketing. 

Initially, blogging is used by web users as their online diary.  Literary pieces which is anything but not limited to journal entries, essays, poem and anything that has something to do with words are published in blog sites for the whole World Wide Web to see. 

However, due to the evolution of the use of technology as well as from the innovative minds of marketers, blog sites are now used in marketing.

The question on how to use blogs as marketing tools is easy to answer. It’s all lies in the strategy.

The main feature of blogging and probably the most distinctive characteristic of blogs is that the copy published in the site is written as if they are testimonials.  They have greater appeal to the readers than those written as part of advertisements.  This is because the tone usually used in blog entries purports those from a firsthand experience. 

First, you must create awareness.  The important thing in using blogs as marketing tools is to make people aware of the blog site.  You can do this by increasing the search-ability through use of proper tags.  Second, you must pay attention to the content.  The content is as important as the search-ability of the blog site.  It is in the content that the readers will become aware of the product and later on, be persuaded in availing it.  Lastly, a regular update will keep the interest of the readers in visiting the site again.


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