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What is an affiliate program? It is also called associate programs. It is defined as an arrangement in which an online merchant Web site pays affiliate Web sites a commission to send them traffic. They are paid according to a particular agreement. How to get affiliates?  What are the three parties in an affiliate program transaction? On how to get affiliates you must first choose whether you choose to have your own affiliate or become a member of someone affiliate program. Deciding which affiliate you will choose depends on what e-commerce you are into. If you are running an e-commerce site and are after in increasing your sales, then you might begin working with your own affiliate program. If you are running a small web site and would just want to earn an extra income then it will be easy for you to join affiliate All_3Dprogram from others. Learning on how to get affiliates will be based on what you are into.

            The three parties in an affiliate program transaction includes the:

a)    customer

b)    affiliate site

c)    merchant site

One of the most successful website involve in affiliate program is the

Amazon.com. It was popularized by its founder Jeff Bezos in 1996. Bezos has become the adviser of most of the successful website that involves affiliates. On how to get affiliates his name and story are always mentioned to show how helpful it is to become an affiliate.

            The above information is just an introduction on how to get affiliates. You need to work hard for it and dedicate enough time and money for you to succeed. 


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