Getting the Niche Selection Right

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         cover8Now that you have decided that you will try niche marketing to get your feet wet and to better understand affiliate marketing, a problem arises: what niche should you go into?

         The best place to start would be your interests or hobbies. But if you do not really have any of those this might help you out.

  1. Ask people. If you have a mentor or someone who has been into niche marketing or affiliate marketing before you, then their experience will help. Discuss with them the demands and benefits of that particular niche and how steep the competition is, to get a clearer picture of what you are going up against. The niche you are going into has to be unique so you can earn more money.
  2. Get some ideas in forums. Look for what the forum members are griping about in their chosen niche. Look for affiliate marketing programs that can help you solve search engine issues.
  3. To a lot of beginners, visiting an article directory by other online marketers will help get more information about affiliate marketing or niche marketing. The categories in those article directories may seem to large, but the specific niche you are looking for may be in the sub-categories.
  4. Look for the quick selling products in other online stores. You can focus on the most sellable products as you start your affiliate marketing niche.
  5. Most importantly, do not limit your niche ideas to what you can find online. Turn to offline information like magazines to see what products have most demand and high profitability.



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