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shwrmscrts-3D_thumbGenerating traffic to the website is a very challenging task since it involves not only hard work and dedication but it also involves a very big amount of money. However, there are ways in getting traffic to my website for free. For those who are into internet marketing they need to know how to get free traffic to my website. What the readers should do first is look for ideas and techniques on how to get free traffic to my website. There are websites which are less accurate and sometimes unbelievable. But there are some of them that seems to be reliable and worth sharing their ideas with others. One of which is the article written by Marc Ilgen , “Best ways to Get Traffic to Your Affiliate Website.” His article includes ways on how to get free traffic to my website. It also discuss the PPC or Pay per click program. In his article he mentioned that it is better that instead of buying traffic you can optimize your website so that you can get traffic for free from search engines. It looks that easy on how to get free traffic to my website but its not.  According to Marc it can be done by tweaking some HTML on your website and improve your search engine rankings. To be able to get good rankings you must know how to get lost of backlinks from your website. One way of getting rid of backlinks is to do article marketing. The key to article marketing is to write articles not just 10 but lots of it. From Marc’s article I found out how hard it is to battle in the competitive world of internet marketing. It is important that you learn how to get free traffic for your website in order to cope up with them.


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