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            cover_3rdEdFacebook is one of the most visited websites in the internet today. With millions of members that are continually rising in number, similar is happening with the number of page views recorded every day. The Facebook platform that was launched recently allows the other professionals to make third-party applications for use. The platform allowed the brand exposure which lead to increased traffic and ultimately to increased sales. Facebook marketing is very attractive to users since it is free and it has a larger quantity of user features, channels for communication, and possibilities of targeting.

            One of the things required to be able to employ the so called Facebook marketing is to create an account to their website. Also, you must have an updated and complete profile too. In here, you can invite friends, join groups, and connect to different people in the world. Facebook marketing offers an opportunity for creating a potential portal for marketing ideas too and not just sells or market products to the members who view the page. Also, sometimes Facebook marketing is also called viral marketing since once a member added an application; his or her friends are automatically informed that there has been activity from the user.

            The six basic techniques that can be done to induce Facebook marketing are updating a profile, hosting an event and posting it, sharing a funny video or picture, posting pictures, posting new articles, and sending a simple note. These acts can be done to create an invitation for other members to view your page and read the advertisements. 


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