A Virtual Launch: How to launch a product online

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PackageProduct launching has been traditionally done offline by means of press releases, trade shows, and any other events that can be equated to house warming.

Today, product launching has started to dominate the online sector as online businesses, big and small, is slowly gaining popularity.

Doing an online product launch may give out the impression that this is a much easier task compared to an offline product launch. Any event organized is never an easy task because it continuously provides challenging tasks from the pre-event, during the event, and the post event.

Here’s a fact: an online product launch is much of a tedious task compared to an offline launch. Unlike the traditional product launch wherein you can see and feel the product, an online product launch hinders the sense of touch and smell. But doing so is not impossible.

What to remember when launching a product online

  • Keep your business website current and pleasant. Think of it as a retail store that you see in malls. Keeping it organized while keeping its products and information updated will entice potential buyers to click the link.
  • Submit a press release. This has been an ongoing trend but there is a thin line between a press release and a news feature. Keep in mind that a press release is brief and concise as it only focuses on the product, its features, and where to find it.
  • Build your mailing list and do some email blasting. Start off with your friends and family’s email. Then slowly build your database by adding email addresses of popular publications or an influential person.
  • Establish a partnership with another online business that is capable of reselling your products. Doing so can establish awareness of your products and your business.
  • Shell out some budget wisely. Have an allotted budget for promotions. But be smart in choosing the most effective and efficient media channel to use. In this case, online advertisements now come in a pocket-friendly price tag.
  • Have a blog where you can post your press releases, upcoming promotions, and the like. This will serve as your newsletter. 


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