How to write and E-book

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 writeabestsellingebookAre you staring at your computer all day long producing nothing? Here’s a great thing to do during these time, why not learn how to write an e-book. There are thousands of websites offering tips on how to write an e-book why not explore that website and make use of your time than just staring at your computer. Before learning how to write an e-book it is best to first define what e-book is. According to the Gartner Group (a CT based information technology consultancy), e-book is a special computer file, which contains the text of a printed book. It can be read using a personal computer, a personal digital assistant (PDA), or an electronic device designed specifically for reading eBooks. The devices that can read e-books are called e-book readers; it has many features that are not available with standard printed text. After defining the term let’s proceed on how to write an e-book?  Answering the following question would be the first step before commencing in writing.

a)    What are your reasons in writing?

b)    Where you able to choose and appropriate subject?

c)    Where you able to create a good title for your e-book?

d)    Who will be your audience? Or have you chosen where to market your e-book?

These simple questions will serve as your guide in creating your e-book. It

may took you several days before deciding on your target market since you need to do some research first. It will be frustrating if you were able to write an e-book which is not interesting for the reader. Just focus first on the steps on how to write an e-book and then everything will follow


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