Searching for the Right Niche

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Due to a wide range of Internet markets, it is not effective to create websites rooted on general topics such as Fitness, Health, Fashion, and Software. For one, many large companies already attained popularity in those areas. Hence, searching for the right niche starts within because competition is not tight but demands are certainly high. […]

Efficient Ways on How to Outsource

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Offline outsourcing is a good catch for reaching your strategic goals as a business entity. However, many aspects of current business trends have made offline outsourcing the last and not the first choice. Companies have implemented outsourcing because they desire to increase profits. The primary motivating factor of companies in outsourcing is they can focus […]

Social Marketing

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Social marketing is an interesting infusion of marketing and social psychology.  It is a combination of the principles of marketing with behavioral goals in a society.  Its primary purpose is to instill such behavioral goals in the society to achieve a common good for the benefit of all. This type of marketing has a two-fold […]

See How Easily You can Gain Profits with Social Marketing

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Social marketing concentrates on consumers especially on what they need and want rather than persuading consumers to buy goods and services. Social marketing is the one talking to consumers and not the goods. This type of marketing also utilizes marketing mix. Here are the four P’s of social marketing:   Product   Social marketing offers […]

How to Make Money from Blogs

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           Many people write blogs just for fun or to satisfy their hobby of writing. However, unknown to some, a person who wants to earn additional income must learn how to make money from blogs. The process of how to make money from blogs is divided into three categories namely creating […]

Search Engine Optimization

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           Search engine optimization is the practice of developing the quality of traffic to a web site from search engines through accepted ways. It increases the likelihood that the website will rank first in the results that returned after a user type in his or her search in the internet.             […]

Social Bookmarking

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              Social bookmarking is a tool for internet users to store, systematize, explore, and handle book marks of webpage in the internet. These bookmarks can be stored publicly or privately depending to the choice of the user. They can be found by using search engines or clicking categories and tags.             […]

Social Marketing

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            Social marketing is a discipline started by Philip Kotler who discovered that similar marketing principles used in selling products are also effective in selling ideas, attitudes, and activities. Social marketing aims to manipulate the social behaviors to bring benefit to the target audience. The main difference of social marketing to […]