What is Social Media

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  Social media are the main internet based tools for sharing and giving information among people. It is the term used to describe activities regarding technology, telecommunications and social interaction. It is different from industrial media such that social media are relatively low cost tools that help everyone to publish or access information. On the other […]

How to Outsource

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Outsourcing is one of the ways nowadays that is used by companies who want to cut costs and increase sales. It is a process of subcontracting the other important tasks in the business such as product designing, selling, or even accounting tasks. The other reasons for outsourcing are to make the use of the assets […]

Joint Venture Marketing

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Joint venture marketing happens when two companies or parties decide to work together in doing their marketing campaigns and public relations. Usually, it benefits both parties and the products or services are often complementary in nature.             Businesses turn to joint venture marketing because of the benefits it give compared to other marketing approaches. Among […]

How Can I Make That Crucial Target Market Connection?

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If you’re a newbie in the Internet, you don’t have to be overwhelmed with what you don’t know but use what you know.  The traditional forms of mass media have parallel counterparts in the Internet and more effectively so.  Why? For example, magazines are popular tools to be connected to your target market.  A magazine […]

Effective Niche Marketing

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A niche, in the world of marketing, is your own special space in the universe of your consumer’s mind.  This space is all yours.  You have to make sure your target knows about this.  To make this niche stand out and desirable you have to focus on the following points.    How to find a […]

Traffic Generation Equals Profit Generation

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Traffic! Now that’s a problem.  When no one visits your website or asks about you in the search engines what is one to do?   The Internet cyberspace creates a din, an explosion of information that are seen and heard all at the same time.  From all the information out there in the Internet how can […]

The Right Words To Sell Your Product

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  The crucial factor of any medium is effective usage of the right words or picture words.  This angle is even more important in internet marketing.  One should know the crucial interplay of search engines and SEO.  To clarify, SEO means search engine optimization.  Using the right words for your market to reach you is […]

What are the Tools for Effective Communication?

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Effective communication starts with, of course, the right words.   Always consider who you are talking to.  The medium is message for this matter.  Know how your market learns about your product or service.   Know why the target consumer would want it.   Know where they are coming from and what their motivations to get it are.  […]